Graduate Research Information Sessions

The Graduate Research Information Sessions give prospective graduate students the opportunity to learn about research being conducted by various MAE faculty and gives them the chance to ask research related questions. These research sessions will be held virtually. See below for session information. 

Attendees are eligible to apply to be considered for an application fee waiver. Details on how to apply will be provided at the sessions. 

Thursday, October 13th

9:30am - 10am EST

Gear and Power Transmission Research Lab - Dr. Ahmet Kahraman/Dr. David Talbot


GearLab develops new technologies and methods towards increasing power density, improving NVH and efficiency, and reducing cost of power transmission systems. 

Research Area(s): Advanced Automotive Systems*, Advanced Aerospace Systems, Design, Materials and Manufacturing, Energy and Environmental Quality

Materials at Extremes - Dr. Calvin Stewart


Materials at Extremes focuses on the advanced manufacturing, testing & characterization, and theoretical mechanics of materials subject to extreme environments.

Research Area(s): Design, Materials and Manufacturing*, Advanced Aerospace Systems, Energy and Environmental Quality, Nuclear Science and Engineering

Tuesday, November 8th

9:30am - 10am EST

Matrix n Microscopy - Dr. Gunjan Agarwal

Gunjan Agarwal

The Matrix and Microscopy lab thinks "outside the cell". Their major research interest is to study extracellular matrix (ECM) biology and cell-matrix interactions. They examine the collagen structure and unction in human and animal tissues with a focus on vascular biology and bone remodeling. 

Research Area(s): Bioengineering*, Micro and Nanotechnology

Design Innovation and Simulation Lab (DISL) - Dr. Haijun Su


The Design Innovation and Simulation Laboratory (DISL) at OSU is a facility to provide graduate and undergraduate students, the research and education on compliant mechanisms, soft robotics, kinematics, virtual reality simulation, and their applications to the design and manufacturing of mechanical systems. Students at DISL will learn design, simulation and various fabrication methods ranging from FDM, resin 3d printing to silicon molding for making robots

Research Area(s): Robotics, Automation and Autonomy*, Design, Materials and Manufacturing

Previous Sessions

Zhai Research Group - Dr. Shang Zhai

Dr. Shang Zhai

Their mission is to create and develop game-changing materials and systems for scalable and sustainable thermochemical energy cycles that help achieve net zero emissions economy.

Research Area(s): Energy and Environmental Quality*, Design, Materials and Manufacturing, Micro and Nanotechnology

Cyberbotics Lab - Dr. Ayonga Hereid

Ayonga Hereid

The research at the Cyberbotics lab focuses on the foundations of the feedback control design for legged robotic locomotion through the study of dynamic walking of bipedal robots with a specific focus on applications to lower-limb exoskeletons. They strive to generate theoretical and computational advances in feedback control design and motion planning for a variety of robotic, cyber-physical, and autonomous systems that exhibit complex dynamical behaviors. 


Research Area(s): Robotics, Automation and Autonomy*

Center for Automotive Research - Dr. Matilde D'Arpino

M. D'Arpino

Dr. D'Arpino's research is to make systems and components more efficient by optimizing design and control, as well as solving some of the system integration issues that are limiting factor in many energy storage and power conversion systems. 

Research Area(s): Advanced Automotive Systems*, Advanced Aerospace Systems, Energy and Environmental Quality

The Wolff Lab - Dr. Sarah Wolff

Sarah Wolff

The Wolff lab focuses on in-situ imaging of additive manufacturing processes with the goal of controlling the laser-matter interactions, melting, and solidification. Understanding the underlying physical phenomena during additive manufacturing can provide new methods of processing of new materials with fine-tuned properties for biomedical prostheses, aerospace components, and improved structural components.

Research Area(s): Design, Materials and Manufacturing*, Micro and Nanotechnology