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Faculty Focus on Professor Ryan Harne

Each month, we highlight our talented faculty who continue to attract the best and brightest engineering students and whose insights and research keep us at the leading edge of innovation and discovery.  They are leaders in engineering practice, sought after by industry, government and the broader community.

Ryan Harne

Assistant Professor

Director, Laboratory of Sound and Vibration Research

What is the focus of your research and why is it significant?

Our lab is the Laboratory of Sound and Vibration Research and our missions are to resolve long-standing problems and create new opportunities for advancement in the fields of vibrations, acoustics, mechanics and nonlinear dynamics. To us, "engineer" is a verb. As a result, we are motivated to examine, hypothesize, design, model and test, broadening our impact from developing new theories to innovative experimental systems that serve as frameworks for technology development.  We make such advancements in areas of (a) noise and vibration control structures and material systems, (b) guiding and harvesting vibration energies for electrical power and system enhancement, (c) engineering adaptive structures with exceptional acoustical and mechanical properties and multi-functionality, and (d) creating sensors for extreme detection sensitivity and robustness.

Why should a prospective student consider mechanical engineering?

Mechanical engineering is appealing because students can gain a broad range of knowledge and experience and after completing a mechanical engineering degree, they are well-positioned to enter a diverse array of institutions or industries. On the other hand, students should also differentiate themselves from the competition.  A forward-thinking mechanical engineering student will establish a special focus of expertise through research experiences, unique interdisciplinary activities and/or other experiential opportunities that enhance their resume.  

What do you like most about your job?

Achieving success in our lab's research that demonstrates the excellence of our undergraduate and graduate student research team.

What advice would you give students considering a career in engineering? 

Plan long-term. Target your current academic and research pursuits to culminate in expertise and experiences that will continue to pilot you through the turbulent seas of the engineering world 10 to 15 years from now.

What hobby or interest do you like to pursue? 

Not applicable. Just kidding. I am a "weekend mechanic," and sincerely enjoy maintaining my car to the extent that I am able.