Graduate Research Information Sessions - Center for Automotive Research & The Wolff Lab

All dates for this event occur in the past.

The Graduate Research Information Sessions give prospective graduate students the opportunity to learn about research being conducted by various MAE faculty and gives them the chance to ask research related questions. These research sessions will be held virtually. Visit this website to learn more about all the upcoming sessions: 

Attendees are eligible to apply to be considered for an application fee waiver. Details on how to apply will be provided at the sessions. 

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Date: Tuesday, September 27th 

Time: 12:30pm - 1pm EST

Faculty Spotlights: This session will include two faculty spotlights. Attendees will select which research session they would like to attend.

  • Center for Automotive Research - Dr. Matilde D'Arpino 
    • Dr. D'Arpino's research is to make systems and components more efficient by optimizing design and control, as well as solving some of the system integration issues that are limiting factor in many energy storage and power conversion systems. 
    • Research Area(s): Advanced Automotive Systems*, Advanced Aerospace Systems, Energy and Environmental Quality
  • The Wolff Lab - Dr. Sarah Wolff
    • The Wolff lab focuses on in-situ imaging of additive manufacturing processes with the goal of controlling the laser-matter interactions, melting, and solidification. Understanding the underlying physical phenomena during additive manufacturing can provide new methods of processing of new materials with fine-tuned properties for biomedical prostheses, aerospace components, and improved structural components.
    • Research Area(s): Design, Materials and Manufacturing*, Micro and Nanotechnology
Sarah Wolff Project

Note: The primary research area is noted with an *. 

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