Endoscopic AM: Tissue Engineering Inside the Body

Scott Lab E525
201 W. 19th Avenue Columbus, OH 43210
Columbus, OH 43210
United States

Name: Andrej Simeunovic

The confluence of additive manufacturing (AM) based tissue engineering (TE), termed bioprinting, and robotic-assisted surgery (RAS) has the potential to increase the clinical adoption of regenerative medicine therapies by bioprinting inside the body. However, existing in vivo bioprinting approaches are lacking in achievable structural complexity, defect access, or procedure invasiveness as they do not leverage the form factors of commercial RAS systems. Translating AM to RAS increases fluid pressures considerably, in turn increasing cell damage and decreasing cellular proliferation in TE constructs. Endoscopic fluid dynamics also amplify the intrinsic flow rate control challenges of DW and preclude established DW flow control techniques. Finally, printing on the soft tissue substrates found in the body challenges traditional AM and robotic motion planning. To address these challenges, we design Endoscopic AM, an intracorporeal bioprinting system that mimics the designs of commercial RAS systems and that has a novel endoscopic material metering system that produces cell pressures comparable to benchtop AM bioprinters. A lumped-parameter modeling approach for DW printing dynamics is developed and extended to the endoscopic form factor. A hybrid systems control framework for extrusion pressure is formulated to control flow in endoscopic DW systems. A Cartesian trajectory generation method appropriate DW fabrication on nonplanar surfaces is proposed and implemented in a prototype Endoscopic AM system to demonstrate intracorporeal construct fabrication in a mock surgical environment. Finally, the Endoscopic AM system is used to study manufacturing capabilities intracorporeally.

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