Dr. Mrinal Kumar Graduate Research Information Session (Virtual)

The Graduate Research Information Sessions give prospective graduate students the opportunity to learn about research being conducted by various MAE faculty and gives them the chance to ask research related questions. Dr. Mrinal Kumar will be hosting a session on October 6th. Below is more information on his lab. 

Mrinal Kumar

Laboratory for Autonomy in Data-Driven and Complex Systems - Dr. Mrinal Kumar

LADDCS is a part of the Aerospace Research Center (ARC) in the department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) at The Ohio State University. The lab is a leading center for theoretical, computational and experimental research in multi-agent autonomous systems, stochastic dynamic systems, randomized algorithms in modeling, uncertainty quantification, optimization and control. LADDCS focuses on applications in the areas of collaborative robots, space situational awareness and sustainable energy (e.g. battery prognostics, wind forecasting).