Design, Manufacturing and Performance Considerations in Reactor System, Components and Materials

Speaker:   Isabella J. van Rooyen, PhD, MBA, National Technical Director, U.S. DOE-NE Advanced Methods for Manufacturing, Distinguished Staff Scientist | Reactor System Design and Analysis Division

Abstract:  Idaho National Laboratory (INL) is the national and global leader of the Department of Energy (DOE)’s nuclear energy research, development, and demonstration programs. The development of critical design criteria for new advanced reactor systems, components, and materials requires an understanding of both fabrication and the irradiation environment during normal operating and accident conditions. Next-generation researchers and designers are therefore challenged not only by demands for improved performance, they must also work to shorten the development and commercialization lifecycle for new nuclear reactors and systems to remain competitive. This provides unique and exciting opportunities for all contributors to this field of study. This presentation will offer a strategic overview of the competitively funded research and development (R&D) awards by the Advanced Methods for Manufacturing (AMM) program of DOE’s office of Nuclear Energy (DOE-NE). This program conducts R&D to accelerate innovations by reducing the cost and schedule of constructing new nuclear plants and to make fabrication of nuclear power plant components faster, cheaper, and more reliable. By evaluating state-of-the-art practices found in other large manufacturing industries, the nuclear community has identified six major innovation areas to reach the objectives of this DOE-NE program. Additionally, typical INL research case studies will be presented. These case studies show the vast variety of opportunities for how the next generation of researchers can seek solutions.

Bio:  Dr. Isabella J. van Rooyen holds a PhD in physics, an MSc in metallurgy, and an MBA. She is the National Technical Director for Advanced Methods for Manufacturing Programs for the  Department of Energy-Nuclear Energy Enabling Technologies.

She is also a distinguished staff scientist at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) where she has led as principal investigator (PI) a variety of research projects for nuclear applications through competitive awards by industry strategic partners, lab-directed research funds, National Scientific User Facility (NSUF), and the Nuclear Engineering University Program (NEUP).   These research projects focus on tristructural isotropic (TRISO)-coated particles, U3Si2, integrated fuel fabrication processes, high-temperature compact heat exchangers, SiC-ODS alloy gradient nano-composite cladding, fission product transport mechanisms, additive manufacturing qualification reviews, and advanced manufacturing methods. Dr. van Rooyen also led the advanced electron microscopy and micro-analysis examinations for the Advanced Gas Reactor TRISO fuel development program from May 2011–January 2021.

Dr. van Rooyen’s engineering and scientific exposure includes hands-on experience in a wide variety of pursuits; examples include heat treatment, surface treatments and coatings, welding procedures, casting processes, powder fabrication, and consolidation processes.

Prior to joining INL in 2011, Dr. van Rooyen held various technical leadership roles in the nuclear, aerospace, and automotive industries in South Africa, most notably the research at Pebble Bed Modular Reactor (PBMR) Company and NECSA and DENEL Aviation.

Dr. van Rooyen has more than 50 peer-reviewed journal publications, more than 40 conference papers and presentations, over 100 company-specific technical and scientific reports, seven invention disclosures, one additive manufacturing patent awarded in 2020, one patent in process of issuing, and five patents filed on additive manufacturing in 2018–2020.


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