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Data-Driven Management for Autonomous Systems

Christopher Stewart, Associate Professor of Computer Science & Engineering at Ohio State
Friday, May 1, 2020, 3:00 pm
Aerospace Research Center Rm 100
2300 W. Case Rd.
Columbus, OH 43210

Computer systems are increasingly autonomous; they sense their surroundings, process their operating context and take actions to achieve their goals. Powered by AI, autonomous systems are proliferating in health care, agriculture, sustainability and cloud computing. Examples include autonomous vehicles, automated medical diagnosis and run-scripts for large, complex distributed systems. Autonomous systems simplify programming, reduce costly human labor and improve energy efficiency. However, autonomous systems are inherently closed loop, making their compute needs hard to model. This talk describes the overarching approach taken by ReRout Lab @OSU to manage resources for autonomous systems. We advance the notion of data-driven management that excels when domain-specific training data is married with contextual, first-principles knowledge. We have used this approach to build state of the art self-flying systems and self-managing cloud systems.

About the Speaker:
Dr. Stewart is an Associate Professor in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at The Ohio State University. He leads the ReROUT Lab where students build cutting-edge research systems, transfer them to industry and under served communities and celebrate diverse, intellectually enriching backgrounds. The lab conducts REsearch that Reaches OUT. Dr. Stewart's research has led to (1) fast and predictable Internet services, (2) carbon neutral, sustainable data centers, (3) STEM education platforms used by Columbus school districts and (4) fully autonomous, self-flying drones used to improve agricultural crop yield.

Dr. Stewart is a recipient of the prestigious NSF Career Award. He has been recognized as a leading Africian American in web technology by Revision Path. He has authored award winning papers at top conferences in multiple disciplines. He was the founding Chief Editor of the Sustainable Computing Register, the regular publication of the IEEE STC on Sustainable Computing.  Dr. Stewart earned a PhD from the University of Rochester under the supervision of Kai Shen. He also graduated from Morehouse College.

Host: Jim Gregory