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Seminar: "The Art of Compelling & Adoptable Future Technologies"

Dr. Nathan Kirchner, Head of Robotics and Ventures Advisor, Engineering Excellence Group
Thursday, September 19, 2019, 3:00 pm
Scott Lab, E525
201 W. 19th Ave.
Columbus, OH 43210

Considerable time, money, and effort is expended devising, developing and delivering high technology solutions that aim at disrupting markets & delighting customers. But unfortunately at our peril we often focus on the core technology and perhaps business, but focus maybe less so on the fit to real needs. In this talk I will discuss our core technologies, the business conceptualisation, the underlying needs-fit & human-machine/robot/intelligent-agent interaction. I will systematically explore & detail the positive tensions between Business, Technology & Human Factors by leveraging cases studies of an artificial intelligence computer vision system, a construction-scale 3D printer, and a wearable device for worker health monitoring from within my Future Robotics programme at one of the world’s largest private construction companies. During the talk I will highlight why solutions often stall and/or are meet with considerable organisational friction and discuss proven approaches to avoiding the most common pitfalls in order to make our technology compelling & adoptable… because, how good is a great idea if everyone completely refuses to use it?

About the Speaker: Dr Nathan Kirchner's accomplishments resulted in him being named as one of Australia's and the US' Top Ten Young Scientists by Popular Science magazine, along with a number of other international awards and recognitions. He is the Head of Robotics | Ventures Advisor & leads the Future Robotics & Future Technologies Programmes at one of the worlds largest private construction companies, he is an active academic researcher in robotics as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Technology Sydney, and has served several academic appointments as at Stanford University. Dr Kirchner's speciality is uncovering and imagining opportunities for emergent robotics & future technologies thinking and outcomes in the real world, and and forging viable R&D to Deployment (R&D2D) pathways to their realisation. One of his multi-award winning portfolio projects - Toolbox Spotter AI computer vision for heavy industries - has recently evolved into a VC funded startup at which is the Founder | CTO. He has over 15+ years in industry, and 10+ years in academia, initiating, shaping, establishing, driving and leading cutting-edge, research driven, enabling, transformative, and disruptive innovation. See &