Dynamic Mechanics of Materials Laboratory: Research



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The Dynamic Mechanics of Materials Laboratory is supporting the Federal Aviation Administration's Uncontained Engine Debris Mitigation program. The program seeks to ensure that aircraft engine failures are kept to a minimum and if they do occur, that the engine debris can be contained safely within the engine.  We are conducting experiments on 2024 aluminum and Ti-6Al-4V over a wide range of strain rates, temperatures, and stress states to study the plastic deformation and ductile fracture behavior of the materials. In addition, we are conducting experiments on Kevlar 49 fabric and single yarns to assess strain rate sensitivity in the material


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The Dynamic Mechanics of Materials Laboratory is supporting the NASA Glenn Research Center.  We have developed an intermediate strain rate test apparatus and are using it to study the response of PR-520 epoxy resin.  In addition, we have constructed a large diameter split-Hopkinson bar to conduct experiments on woven composite materials.



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The Dynamic Mechanics of Materials Laboratory is working with The Ohio State University College of Dentistry to study the effect of oral implants on strain distributions in a mandible subjected to normal chew forces.  We are using three dimensional digital image correlation to measure surface displacements and strains on a resin mandible loaded with a servohydraulic load frame.  We are investigating the effects of implant length, prosthetic retention and splinting.