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Department Research Matrix

Department instructional and research activities are focused around four technical areas which include: applied mechanics; design and manufacturing; dynamic systems, sensing and controls; and energy, fluid and thermal systems. Application areas include:

  • Advanced Aerospace Systems: propulsions and power, aerodynamics, aeroacoustics, fluid dynamics and flow control, combustion, turbulent reacting flows and plasma material processing, structures and materials, fluid-structure interactions, dynamics and controls, flight mechanics
  • Advanced Automotive Systems: researching fundamentally safe, economical, reliable, and environmentally friendly transportation 
  • Bioengineering: micro- and nanotechnology focus areas involve biological applications, namely, the micro/nano biofluidics and precision instrumentation work that examines human movement and movement disorders, injury biomechanics, and biomaterials
  • Energy and Environmental Quality: researching a number of applications related to sustainable energy sources that satisfy power generation needs and environmental concerns
  • Materials and Manufacturing: materials research is an institutional strength in the OSU College of Engineering as well as the broader university, with OSU being ranked third nationally in NSF funding of materials research. 
  • Micro and Nanotechnology: research in micro and nanotechnology activities are broadly divided into: 1) nanotribology and nanomechanics and applications to nanotechnology; 2) micro/nano biofluids; 3) precision instrumentation, which overlaps research in this area and in the bioengineering and materials and manufacturing focus areas. 
  • Nuclear Science and Engineering: research endeavors include application of radiation, radioactive materials and nuclear fission, such as nuclear power, nuclear medicine, radiation safety, and environmental management. 
Application Area Applied
Design & Manufacturing Dynamic Systems,
Sensing, & Controls
Energy, Fluid,
and Themal Systems
Advanced Aerospace Systems Blue, Dapino, Harne, Kahraman, McNamara, Shen, Soghrati Dapino, Harne, Kahraman, Su Blue, Chen, Dapino, D'Souza, Dunn, Harne, Kahraman, McNamaraShen, Singh, Yedavalli Adamovich, Benzakein, Bons, Chen, Dunn, Freuler, Gaitonde, Gregory, Kahraman, Kim, Mathison, McNamara, Samimy, Subramaniam, Sutton, Yu, Zhuang
Advanced Automotive Systems Dapino, Gilat, Harne, Kahraman, Singh, Staab, Sundaresan, Walter Dapino, Guenther, Harne, Kahraman, Luscher, Shah, Smidts, Su Canova, Dapino, Guenther, Guezennec, Harne, Kahraman, Menq, Rizzoni, Singh, Smidts, K. Srinivasan, Sundaresan, Utkin, Wang, Yedavalli Canova, Conlisk, Gregory, Guezennec, Kahraman, Kim, Rizzoni, Selamet, Sundaresan, Zhuang
Bioengineering Bhushan, Bolte, Castro, Dupaix, Guenther, Harper, Katsube, Siston, Song, M. Srinivasan, Soghrati, Sundaresan Bhushan, Bolte, Guenther, Katsube, Lilly, Siston, Soghrati, Su, Sundaresan Menq, M. Srinivasan, Sundaresan, Wang, Yedavalli Conlisk, Prakash, Song, Subramaniam, Yu
Energy and Environmental Quality Kahraman, McNamara, Shen Kahraman, Walter Blue, Canova, Cao, D'Souza, Guezennec, Harne, Kahraman, McNamara, Rizzoni, Singh, Sundaresan, Utkin, Wang, Yedavalli Benzakein, BonsCanova, Gaitonde, Gregory, Guezennec, Heremans, Kahraman, Khafizov, Kim, Mathison, Mazumder, McNamara, Moran, Prakash, Samimy, Selamet, Sun, Sutton, Zhuang
Materials and
Dapino, Dupaix, Gilat, Harne, Harper, Lee, Mendelsohn, Soghrati, Sundaresan, Walter, Zhang Altan, Dapino, Guenther, Lee, Lilly, Luscher, Pourboghrat, Shah, Soghrati Dapino, Harne, Menq, K. Srinivasan, Sundaresan, Zhang Khafizov, Soghrati, Yu, Zhang
Micro and Nanotechnology Bhushan, Dapino, Dupaix, Lee, Soghrati, Song, M. Srinivasan, Sundaresan Bhushan, Pourboghrat, Su, Sundaresan Blue, Cao, Dapino, Harne, Menq, K. Srinivasan, Sundaresan Conlisk, Heremans, Khafizov, Mazumder, Prakash, Song, Subramaniam, Zhang
Nuclear Science and Engineering Zhang Blue, Zhang Aldemir, Blue, Cao, Smidts, Yedavalli Aldemir, Cao, Khafizov, SunZhang