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SubjectCourse NumberCourse Namesort descendingUnits
Mechanical Engineering4906.02ME Capstone Design III: Spec Projects2.5
Mechanical Engineering4902.02ME Capstone Design III: Student Design Competitions2.5
Mechanical Engineering4999Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Research for Thesis1
Mechanical Engineering4999HMechanical Engineering Undergraduate Research for Thesis1
Mechanical Engineering5240Mechanical Vibrations3
Mechanical Engineering5180Mechanics of Biomolecular Systems3
Mechanical Engineering4870Multidisciplinary Mechanical Engineering Laboratory2
Nuclear Engineering5776Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Radioactive Waste Management3
Nuclear Engineering5735Nuclear Power Plant Operations3
Nuclear Engineering5742Nuclear Radiations and Their Measurements3
Mechanical Engineering4536Nuclear Reactor Systems3
Nuclear Engineering4536Nuclear Reactor Systems3
Aeronautical and Astro Engr3581Numerical Methods in Aerospace Engineering3
Mechanical Engineering2850.01Numerical Methods in Mechanical Engineering3
Mechanical Engineering2850.02Numerical Methods in Mechanical Engineering3
Aeronautical and Astro Engr3570One Dimensional Gas Dynamics3
Aeronautical and Astro Engr5626Orbital Mechanics for Engineers3
Mechanical Engineering7374Polymer Smart Materials and Material Systems - Advanced Modeling and Characterization3
Aeronautical and Astro Engr4550Principles of Flight Vehicle Propulsion3
Mechanical Engineering4684Product Design Capstone I4
Mechanical Engineering4685Product Design Capstone II2
Mechanical Engineering5682.02Product Design Engineering for Entrepreneurs3
Nuclear Engineering5606Radiation Protection and Shielding3
Nuclear Engineering5610Reactor Safety3
Mechanical Engineering5665Reliability Engineering I3