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Subjectsort descendingCourse NumberCourse NameUnits
Mechanical Engineering4685Product Design Capstone II2
Mechanical Engineering4870Mechanical Engineering Capstone Laboratory2
Mechanical Engineering4900ME Capstone Design I1.5
Mechanical Engineering4901.01ME Capstone Design II: General Projects1
Mechanical Engineering4901.02ME Capstone Design III: General Projects2.5
Mechanical Engineering4902.01ME Capstone Design II: Student Design Competitions1
Mechanical Engineering4902.02ME Capstone Design III: Student Design Competitions2.5
Mechanical Engineering4903.01ME Capstone Design II: Industry Projects1
Mechanical Engineering4903.02ME Capstone Design III: Industry Projects2.5
Mechanical Engineering4904.01ME Capstone Design II: Humanitarian Projects1
Mechanical Engineering4904.02ME Capstone Design III: Humanitarian Projects2.5
Mechanical Engineering4905.01ME Capstone Design II: Assistive Devices1
Mechanical Engineering4905.02ME Capstone Design III: Assistive Devices2.5
Mechanical Engineering4906.01ME Capstone Design II: Special Projects1
Mechanical Engineering4906.02ME Capstone Design III: Spec Projects2.5
Mechanical Engineering4998Undergraduate Research in Mechanical Engineering1
Mechanical Engineering4998HUndergraduate Research in Mechanical Engineering1
Mechanical Engineering4999Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Research for Thesis1
Mechanical Engineering4999HMechanical Engineering Undergraduate Research for Thesis1
Mechanical Engineering5030Intermediate Dynamics3
Mechanical Engineering5068Introduction to the Finite Element Method3
Mechanical Engineering5134Introduction to Vibrations of Deformable Solids3
Mechanical Engineering5139Applied Finite Element Method3
Mechanical Engineering5144Engineering Fracture Mechanics3
Mechanical Engineering5162Introduction to Laminated Composite Materials3