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SubjectCourse NumberCourse Namesort descendingUnits
Nuclear Engineering2194Group Studies in Nuclear Engineering1
Nuclear Engineering4194Group Studies in Nuclear Engineering1
Nuclear Engineering4194HGroup Studies in Nuclear Engineering1
Aeronautical and Astro Engr5621Guidance, Navigation, and Control of Aerospace Vehicles3
Aeronautical and Astro Engr3580Heat Transfer3
Mechanical Engineering4510Heat Transfer3
Mechanical Engineering5541Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning3
Aeronautical and Astro Engr5610Helicopter Aerodynamics3
Aeronautical and Astro Engr5775Hypersonic Flow3
Aeronautical and Astro Engr4193Individual Studies in Aerospace Engineering1
Mechanical Engineering2193Individual Studies in Mechanical Engineering1
Mechanical Engineering4193.01Individual Studies in Mechanical Engineering1
Mechanical Engineering4193.02Individual Studies in Mechanical Engineering1
Nuclear Engineering4193Individual Studies in Nuclear Engineering1
Nuclear Engineering4193HIndividual Studies in Nuclear Engineering1
Mechanical Engineering5030Intermediate Dynamics3
Mechanical Engineering5530Internal Combustion Engines3
Aeronautical and Astro Engr2200Introduction to Aerospace Engineering I4
Aeronautical and Astro Engr2201Introduction to Aerospace Engineering II4
Aeronautical and Astro Engr5615Introduction to Computational Aerodynamics3
Mechanical Engineering2900Introduction to Design in Mechanical Engineering3
Mechanical Engineering3501Introduction to Engineering Thermodynamics3
Mechanical Engineering3503Introduction to Fluid Mechanics3
Mechanical Engineering3504Introduction to Fluid Mechanics Transition1
Mechanical Engineering5162Introduction to Laminated Composite Materials3