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SubjectCourse Numbersort descendingCourse NameUnits
Mechanical Engineering3504Introduction to Fluid Mechanics Transition1
Aeronautical and Astro Engr3520Flight Vehicle Dynamics3
Aeronautical and Astro Engr3521Fundamentals of Flight Vehicle Control3
Aeronautical and Astro Engr3542Flight Vehicle Structures I3
Aeronautical and Astro Engr3543Flight Vehicle Structures II3
Mechanical Engineering3553Kinematic Design of Linkage and Cam Mechanisms1.5
Aeronautical and Astro Engr3560Fundamentals of Aerodynamics3
Aeronautical and Astro Engr3570One Dimensional Gas Dynamics3
Aeronautical and Astro Engr3580Heat Transfer3
Aeronautical and Astro Engr3581Numerical Methods in Aerospace Engineering3
Mechanical Engineering3670Design and Analysis of Machine Elements I2
Mechanical Engineering3671Design and Analysis of Machine Elements II3
Mechanical Engineering3676Design and Analysis of Machine Elements Transition1.5
Mechanical Engineering3677Selected Machine Elements II2
Mechanical Engineering3751Kinematics and Mechanism Design2
Mechanical Engineering3870Introduction to Measurements and Data Analysis in Mechanical Engineering3
Aeronautical and Astro Engr4193Individual Studies in Aerospace Engineering1
Nuclear Engineering4193Individual Studies in Nuclear Engineering1
Mechanical Engineering4193.01Individual Studies in Mechanical Engineering1
Mechanical Engineering4193.02Individual Studies in Mechanical Engineering1
Nuclear Engineering4193HIndividual Studies in Nuclear Engineering1
Aeronautical and Astro Engr4194Group Studies in Aerospace Engineering1
Mechanical Engineering4194Group Studies in Mechanical Engineering1
Nuclear Engineering4194Group Studies in Nuclear Engineering1
Mechanical Engineering4194HGroup Studies in Mechanical Engineering1