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Subjectsort descendingCourse NumberCourse NameUnits
Aeronautical and Astro Engr5610Helicopter Aerodynamics3
Aeronautical and Astro Engr5612Aircraft Performance and Flight Test Engineering3
Aeronautical and Astro Engr5615Introduction to Computational Aerodynamics3
Aeronautical and Astro Engr5616Advanced Flight Vehicle Design3
Aeronautical and Astro Engr5620Stability and Control of Flight Vehicles3
Aeronautical and Astro Engr5621Guidance, Navigation, and Control of Aerospace Vehicles3
Aeronautical and Astro Engr5626Orbital Mechanics for Engineers3
Aeronautical and Astro Engr5645Introduction to Structural Dynamics and Aeroelasticity of Aerospace Vehicles4
Aeronautical and Astro Engr5751Advanced Air-Breathing Propulsion3
Aeronautical and Astro Engr5752Advanced Space Propulsion3
Aeronautical and Astro Engr5771Viscous Fluid Flow: Laminar and Transitional3
Aeronautical and Astro Engr5775Hypersonic Flow3
Mechanical Engineering2010Statics2
Mechanical Engineering2010HStatics2
Mechanical Engineering2020Introduction to Mechanics of Materials3
Mechanical Engineering2030Dynamics3
Mechanical Engineering2040Statics and Introduction to Mechanics of Materials4
Mechanical Engineering2193Individual Studies in Mechanical Engineering1
Mechanical Engineering2194Group Studies in Mechanical Engineering1
Mechanical Engineering2194HGroup Studies in Mechanical Engineering1
Mechanical Engineering2651FIRST Robotics Mentoring0.5
Mechanical Engineering2652FIRST Robotics1
Mechanical Engineering2850.01Numerical Methods in Mechanical Engineering3
Mechanical Engineering2850.02Numerical Methods in Mechanical Engineering3
Mechanical Engineering2900Introduction to Design in Mechanical Engineering3