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SubjectCourse NumberCourse Namesort descendingUnits
Aeronautical and Astro Engr5751Advanced Air-Breathing Propulsion3
Aeronautical and Astro Engr5616Advanced Flight Vehicle Design3
Mechanical Engineering5670Advanced MCAD modeling with CATIA3
Aeronautical and Astro Engr5752Advanced Space Propulsion3
Aeronautical and Astro Engr4999HAerospace Engineering Honors Thesis Research1
Aeronautical and Astro Engr4998Aerospace Engineering Research1
Aeronautical and Astro Engr4999Aerospace Engineering Thesis Research1
Aeronautical and Astro Engr5612Aircraft Performance and Flight Test Engineering3
Mechanical Engineering5539Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer3
Mechanical Engineering5139Applied Finite Element Method3
Mechanical Engineering5600Applied Project Management in Product Development Team Environments3
Mechanical Engineering5531Automotive Powertrain Laboratory3
Mechanical Engineering5680Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing4
Mechanical Engineering3670Design and Analysis of Machine Elements I2
Mechanical Engineering3671Design and Analysis of Machine Elements II3
Mechanical Engineering5372Design and Control of Mechatronic Systems3
Mechanical Engineering5751Design and Manufacturing of Compliant Mechanisms and Robots3
Aeronautical and Astro Engr4515Design of Atmospheric Flight Vehicles I3
Aeronautical and Astro Engr4516Design of Atmospheric Flight Vehicles II3
Mechanical Engineering5512Design of Heat Exchangers2
Aeronautical and Astro Engr4517Design of Space Vehicles and Systems I3
Aeronautical and Astro Engr4518Design of Space Vehicles and Systems II3
Mechanical Engineering2030Dynamics3
Mechanical Engineering5241Engineering Acoustics3
Mechanical Engineering5144Engineering Fracture Mechanics3