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Downloadable Software

We have various programs for installation on your personal computer. Submit a service request via the Engineering Technology Services Customer Portal ( Login, select service request, select computer devices & software, and select the software request that best represents your needs.

Known Software Issues

Known issues associated with programs are noted in table below. 

There are no known issues.

Printers are automatically created when you log in.  The programs try to enumerate all printers and take a while to time out on printers that no longer exist.  Please see the lab monitor if you need help.

Software List


Application (Company) Version Used in Course Licenses  Description
CamWorks 2014 ME5680   CNC Machining
CATIA V6 ME5194 -50 Concurrent  
SolidWorks 2018 ME4900, ME490x.01, ME490x.02, ENG4901, ENG4902, ENG4903, ME5680, ME5139, ME5194, AAE5615, AAE7774, AAE4515, AAE4516, AAE4517, AAE4518

-Instructional Labs only
-MAE Students can install a student copy of Solidworks on their personal computer.  Instructions can be found on the instructional lab computers at:

S:\Student\Solidworks\Download SW2018 from a SolidWorks website - Columbus Campus.pdf




-Research labs must purchase a research copy of Solidworks if they wish to use it in their labs

3D solid-surface modeling package



Fluid Dynamics

Application (Company) Version Used in Course Licenses Description
Fluent   v15.0 ME5539, AAE5615, AAE7774, AAE8873, AAE4515, AAE4516, AAE4517, AAE4518

-Instructional lab and computational server use only

-Research licenses available

Carrier Block Load 4.16 ME5541 -Instructional lab use only Cooling design
COMSOL 5.3 ME6505, ME6510, ME6515

-Instructional use only

-Research, including 8999, explicitly prohibited

OpenFOAM 2.0 AAE7774 Open Source Only available on Linux workstations and servers
XFLR5 v6.32 beta      




Application (Company) Version Used in Course Licenses Description
Intel Fortran Compiler XE 2016 ME5139, AAE5615, AAE7774, AAE8873

-License available for instructional work and research

Intel C++ Compiler XE 2015 ME5139, AAE5615, AAE8873

-License available for instructional work and research

Software development
JMP 10.0 ME 4903   Interactive statistical interpretation and graphics
LabVIEW 2018 ME3503, ME3504, ME5194, ME3870, ME4870, ME6505, ME6515 -License available for instructional work and for installation in research labs Instrument control and data acquisition
Maple 17 ME2012, ME2020, ME2030, ME2040, ME3260, ME3360, ME5339, ME7236, ME8372 OCIO license Mathematics and computer algebra software package
MathType 6.9b  

-Instructional Labs


Professional version of equation editor
MATLAB 2018a

Almost all courses

-OCIO license

-See OCIO Matlab Toolboxes for additional toolboxes

Plus, MAE has instructional licenses for: SimDriveline, MATLAB Coder, SimPowerSystems, Simulink Coder and SimElectronics

High performance programming language for technical computing
Mathematica v11.0.0      
Microsoft Visual Studio 2016     Software development platform
Minitab 17.3.1 ME4900, ME490x.01, ME490x.02   Statistics guidance for interpreting statistical tables and graphs
ODTK v6.02     Orbital analysis software


Structural Mechanics
Application (Company) Version Used in Course Licenses Description



-License available for instructional work and research

General purpose FEA solver with multi-physics capabilities

For more information, Join the SIMULIA Learning Community

Advanced Aircraft Analysis 3.5 AAE515.01, AAE516.01, AAE517.01   Aerodynamic analysis software
Altair Hyperworks 2017 AAE5615, AAE8873, AAE4515, AAE4516, AAE4517, AAE4518 -License available for instructional work and research  
AMESim Rev13 SL2 MAE 5339    
ANSYS FEM R17 & 19 ME5139, AAE4515, AAE4516, AAE4517, AAE4518 Instructional Labs  
CarSim 2018.1 ME5234, ME7292, ME8322 Coursework only.  Research use (including 8999 research) explicitly prohibited. Simulate the dynamic behavior of vehicles
Dymola 18.1.485 ME 5339 25 licenses.  Instructional only.  License explicitly prohibits research use.  
MSC Marc 2018 ME8042   Pre/post processor for CAE simulations
MSC Nastran 2018 ME8042, AAE4515, AAE4516, AAE4517, AAE4518   General purpose FEA package
MSC Patran 2018 ME8042, AAE4515, AAE4516, AAE4517, AAE4518   Pre/post processor for CAE simulations
RAD Toolbox v2.0.0      




Application (Company) Version Used in Course Licenses Description
CHPprep   3.0 NE5606   Prepares user for Part 1 of the Certified Health Physicist exam
Chemkin Release 10131 ME6526, ME5530, ME Honors Project   Solve chemical kinetics problems
STK v10.0.1 AAE5517, AAE5518, AAE2201, AAE5621, AAE3520, AAE3580, AAE3521 60 See link to AGI software
EES 2018 ME3501, ME3502, ME5427, AAE2405

Instructional Labs


Numerical solution for algebraic equations

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Application (Company) Version Used in Course Licenses Description
Adobe Acrobat professional v18.011.20055     PDF reader and editor
Adobe Creative Cloud 2018 ME 5682 Instructional Labs Design environment for print, web, and mobile publishing
EndNote X18.2.0.11343 MAE 5194 Instructional Labs Database software for cataloguing library of documents
Firefox v60.1.0      
ImgBurn v2.5.8.0     Burn CD/DVDs
MS Systems Center Endpoint Protection    

Instructional Labs


Antivirus software
MiKTeX 2.9.6643     Document preparation software used by EES
PowerTerm     Fully functional terminal emulator for MS Windows
Putty v0.63     Terminal
Microsoft Office 2016 ENG4900    
Microsoft Project 2016 ME4900, ME490x.01, ME490x.02    
Visio 2016     Known issue: This software needs to be activated. Follow the prompt to activate then exit and start the program again.If left unactivated you will not be able to save your work. There is no need to register the product if asked.
X-Win32 2012     PC X Server that connects Windows PCs to UNIX/Linux servers
7-zip 18.05     Handles compressed (ZIPed) files
Adobe Flash 12 ME5194   Display animations
Adobe Reader 11.0.06 ME3870, ME5680, ME5541, ME5682, ME5194   Read PDF files

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Data Visualization

Application (Company) Version Used in Course Licenses Description
TecPlot 2018 AAE7774

-5 concurrent network licenses
-Instructional Labs
-Can be installed on research machines for 8999 research
-NOT available for post-doc or non degree research

ParaView   AAE7774 Open Source Available on Linux workstations
OpenSim 3.3.0 ME 8702 Open Source  

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