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Computing Lab Policies

In addition to the policies outlined below, all students are expected to adhere to the OSU Policy on Responsible Use of University Computing and Network Resources

Food / Drink Policy: 
  • Drinks in closed/secured lid containers are allowed
    No Food Allowed
    No Food Containers Allowed

First violation: Loss of login privileges in E200, E205, E203 and E225 for one week
Second Violation: Loss of all login privileges until a meeting with IT staff is held
This rule prevents damage to equipment, facility and maintains sanitary conditions in the lab.
Quiet Lab
Room E205 is designated as a quiet lab. Students will self-enforce this policy.

Locking Computers
Computers may not be locked for more than 30 minutes unattended.  If you need to run a long simulation, please see the department computing resources available at:
The plotter is available behind the lab monitor desk.  Please see posted documentation for instructions.  Plotter use is only supported when a lab monitor is on duty.  Use during off hours is at the users risk and no refunds will be authorized for any reason.  Only Arch D and Arch E sizes are supported.  Custom posters sizes will need to be printed at another facility.
Instructions on how to use the plotters can be found here.

Snapshots are taken everyday of the U:\ filesystem.  Snapshots are kept for a period of 30 days, so students can recover files or recover previous versions of documents using the tools built into Windows 10.  Monthly full backups and daily incremental backups are written to archival storage for disaster recovery purposes.

Unauthorized Use

Unauthorize use includes:
  • Using another persons account
  • Being logged in to multiple systems at the same time
ME students can work together at a computer as a team sharing an account, provided the owner of the account is present.

Penalty: Violators will be referred to Student Judicial Affairs, which will result in record of the offense on their permanent record.