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Awards Presented by the College of Engineering

Below is a listing of alumni awards bestowed by The Ohio State University College of Engineering. The most recent awardee(s) from our department are included below as well as links to the all of the past and present awardees.

Distinguished Alumnus

The Distinguished Alumni Awards were established by the faculty of the College of Engineering to recognize distinguished achievement on the part of alumni in the field of engineering or architecture by reason of significant inventions, important research or design, administrative leadership, or genius in production. Nominations are judged by the College Committee on Honorary Degrees and Honors on behalf of the College faculty.


Paul Cody Phipps (ME 84), Liz Tinkham (AAE 84)

Other Winners

Benjamin G. Lamme Meritorious Achievement Medal

Benjamin G. Lamme, ME 1888, achieved international acclaim as a pioneering inventor and engineer for the Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company at Pittsburgh. For 21 years he served as chief engineer for Westinghouse. Among his 162 patents were new inventions on railway motors, induction motors, converters, and the developments pertaining to the first Niagara Falls power system. In his will he provided that a gold medal be presented annually to a technical graduate of his alma mater for "meritorious achievement in engineering."


Robert (Bob) Lee (ME 78)

Other Winners

Lifetime Achievement Award for Leadership

This special award honors an exceptional individual whose sustained pioneering spirit and outstanding leadership has inspired others and has had a profound economic, environmental or societal impact. The award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated ingenuity, creativity and dedication to improving our world.

Meritorious Service Citation

This special citation was established by the faculty of the College of Engineering in 1975 to recognize people "whose sustained and extraordinary personal service has had significant and lasting effect on the advancement of the College of Engineering." Members of the faculty and the Dean of Engineering may nominate people to be recognized.


Robert J. Shaw (AAE 70, 79)

Other Winners

Texnikoi Outstanding Alumni Award

Texnikoi is an organization of undergraduate students in the College of Engineering that recognizes qualities of leadership, integrity and personality as exemplified by active participation and leadership in extracurricular activities. Each year the active membership of Texnikoi selects one of the younger alumni of the College of Engineering as a recipient of the Texnikoi Outstanding Alumni Award. This award is based upon their achievements since graduation, evaluated in light of the objectives of Texnikoi.


James I. Hileman (ME 98, 00, 04)

Other Winners