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Endowed Chairs, Eminent Scholars & Named Professors

Below is a listing of those faculty who are Endowed Chairs, Emininet Scholars, or a Named Professor.


Ohio Eminent Scholars

Bharat Bhushan

Joseph Heremans

Ohio Research Scholar

Datta Gaitonde

Named Professors

The John B. Nordholt Professorship in Mechanical Engineering

Mohammad Samimy

Honda Professor of Engineering Design

Jami Shah

Howard D. Winbigler Professors in Engineering

Bharat Bhushan

Ahmet Kahraman

Endowed Chairs

The Ford Motor Company Chair in Electromechanical Systems

Giorigio Rizzoni

John Glenn Chair for Technology and Space Exploration

Datta Gaitonde

Honda R&D Americas Designated Chair in Engineering

Marcelo Dapino

Ralph W. Kurtz Chair in Mechanical Engineering

Chia-Hsia Menq

Neil Armstrong Chair in Aerospace Policy

John M. Horack