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Administrative Services

Administrative Services provides building, fiscal, human resources, and other various support services to departmental faculty, staff, and students. Administrative Services is comprised of six staff members (see sidebar). Please see below for related forms*, policies, and other information (listed in alphabetical order within category).   

*All procurement/fiscal forms and nearly all HR forms can be filled in electronically and printed out. Please use this capability whenever possible to facilitate ease and speed of processing as well as improve accuracy.

Human Resources



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Conference Room Scheduling

To submit a reservation request or check the availability of a room, please click the link below:

Conference Room Reservation Request

Room Number Capacity Available Media
E100 Scott Lab 192   Computer, Projector, Screen
E525 Scott Lab 50 Computer, Projector, Screen, Telephone
E238 Scott Lab 18 Projector, Screen
N250A Scott Lab 11 Computer, Screen, Telephone
E339 Scott Lab 14 Projector, Screen, Telephone
N350A Scott Lab 8 Computer, Screen, Telephone
E435 Scott Lab 8 Screen
E439 Scott Lab 12 Projector, Screen, Telephone
W190 Scott Lab 6 Screen

Instructional Computer Labs Scheduling

There are four instructional computer labs in the department that can only be reserved for MAE classes. The rooms available are: E200, E205, W260, and W280 Scott Lab. Requests to reserve an instructional computer lab can be submitted below.

Instructional Computer Lab Reservation Request