Acoustics and Dynamics Laboratory: Research

ADL Mission

Focus of Research and Graduate Education:

Machine dynamics, acoustics and vibrations
Non-linear dynamics and signal processing

Key Application Areas:

Automotive noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) control
Geared system dynamics and acoustics (automotive and rotorcraft systems)

This graduate education and research laboratory is concerned with the analysis, design and synthesis of automotive and mechanical transmission systems for reducing noise, shock and vibration; development of inter-relationships between dynamic forces and motions in rigid or elastic machine elements; study of complex acoustic sources and transmission paths; techniques for passive and active noise control; and digital signal processing for sound quality, system identification, and diagnostics. Since most mechanical systems exhibit significant nonlinearities associated with clearance nonlinearities (such as backlash and multi-staged springs), dry or sliding friction, finite amplitudes, etc., nonlinear dynamic studies are emphasized. Refer to the journal publications where over 200 articles have been posted; these provide specific information on the knowledge generated.