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Combined Degree Program

The combined degree program provides exceptional OSU Undergraduate students an opportunity to double-count credit from their undergraduate studies towards a graduate degree in Mechanical, Aerospace, or Nuclear Engineering.

Students can take classes that can be counted toward both their undergraduate and graduate degree. Per departmental policy, students pursuing the combined degree program can double-count up to two courses toward their undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Who can apply to the combined degree program? 

Students who have earned at least 90 cumulative semester hours and are enrolled in the Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, or a related engineering disciplines, and have a 3.50 cumulative grade-point average or better in all previous undergraduate coursework, may apply.

Students considering the combined degree program should have an advisor in mind before joining the program. Students who wish to complete their graduate degree in the shortest amount of time typically have an advisor in place by the semester they start the combined degree program.

Which courses can be used? 

All undergraduate requirements in the student's respective program must still be met. In order to receive graduate credit the courses must be letter-graded and meet the following requirements:

  • Must be 5000-level or higher
  • Must meet the course requirements for the graduate degree being pursued
  • Must be taken upon enrolling in the combined degree program
  • Must not be a capstone course

Technical electives are the most frequent means of satisfying the requirements above, but relevant graduate courses in other subjects, such as mathematics, are an option as well. Coursework taken prior to joining the combined degree program cannot be counted for graduate credit under any means.

Students can also take graduate level courses for graduate credit only once admitted to the combined degree program as well. This can be utilized to further reduce the time to a graduate degree.

Changes to Your Combined Degree Plan

The courses listed on the online Combined Degree form are considered an official and permanent part of the student’s graduate record, effective in each semester as soon as the enrollment deadlines detailed below have passed. The courses and grades will only be visible on a student’s undergraduate record until their BS degree is completed, at which time the courses and grades will become visible on their graduate record and transcript (usually within a month or so of Commencement).

Students can only request changes to the list of courses that will double-count toward both their undergraduate and their graduate degrees within the specific enrollment deadlines outlined below.

  • Before each semester begins, if you change your plans, you can request that the form be updated with a revised course list.
  • After a semester begins, the deadline to request that a current course be added to the form is Friday of the second week, which is listed in the Registrar’s Important Dates as “the last day to add a course without instructor’s written permission”.
  • After a semester begins, the deadline to request that a current course be removed from the form is Friday of the fourth week, which is listed in the Registrar’s Important Dates as “the last date to drop a course without receiving a ‘W’ on record”.
  • If you do not enroll in a course on your BS/MS Combined Degree form, you can request that it be removed.
  • The final deadline for any changes at all to the list will be the Friday of the fourth week of the semester in which you are completing your BS degree, which is listed in the Registrar’s Important Dates as “the last date to drop a course without receiving a ‘W’ on record”.

Interested in the Combined Degree option? 

Students may contact Megan Doolin ( if you have questions about the combined degree option. 

Application Requirements

Application Deadline

Applicants should submit and complete their application by the appropriate deadline below:

  • Spring Semester: November 1
  • Autumn Semester: June 1