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Undergraduate Programs for Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Technical Elective Program and Faculty Advising

Please review the technical electives criteria specific to the timeframe that you entered The Ohio State University.


Mechanical Engineering Technical Electives for Transition Students 
For Students who Entered the University Spring 2012 or Before

Required Technical Elective Semester Credit Hours: 
This is determined in your departmentally reviewed TAP worksheet under the heading "Tech Electives Semester Hours to Complete".  That number will most likely be a decimal and we will round all decimals down to the nearest integer (e.g. both 5.7 and 5.4 will round to 5).  If you have not completed a TAP, see an MAE Advisor in N250 as soon as possible.
Eligible Courses: 
1. You may take any 5000, 6000 or 7000 level Mechanical Engineering (MECHENG), Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineeing (AEROENG) or Nuclear Engineering (NUCLREN) courses to fulfill your requirement.  [NUCLREN 4505 is also included].  This includes all 5194, 6194 and 7194 courses.
2. You may take up to 1 course outside the MAE Department from the following list*
  • Chemistry 2310 and above (this cannot include a course already counted for the Additional Science Requirement)
  • Engineering other than ME;
    • BME 4X10, FABE 3481, 3510, 3610 and 3810
    • All courses 5000 level and above (excluding FABE 7220)
  • Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology 2520
  • Neuroscience 3000
  • Mathematics: 4000 level and above
  • Physics: 3470, 4700 and 5000 level and above
  • Physiology and Cell Biology 3101,3102
  • Statistics 4201 and above
  • All Individual or Group Studies Courses: X193 (4193 and up) (ME or non-ME) are subject to approval by petition to the Undergraduate Studies Committee.  No more than 4 credit hours may be applied.

    *This includes both quarter and semester courses outside of MAE, with quarter hours converted to semester hours.
Course Information: 
The MAE Department maintains Course Catalogs and Schedules of Classes for MECHENG, AEROENG and NUCLREN courses on our website (  The Class Schedules provide course offerings term by term for the AU 2012 through SP 2014 Semesters.  They will be updated so that they always go out 4 terms from the current term.  This list is provided because the University SIS Course Catalog does not contain this information and the University Class Schedule does not go that far out.  In order to plan for Technical Electives you will need to know this information.  These lists also include all the 7000 level Course Coordinators (see below), and on the MECHENG list the discipline area within ME is also designated.
Course listings for the entire university are available on the SIS system in two places.
1.  The Course Catalog (Course Bulletin) on Buckeye Link (a full listing of all courses without any scheduling information)
2.  The Schedule of Classes (Master Schedule) on Buckeye Link. (includes only courses offered in the particular term being searched)
At either of those sites if you specify "Undergraduate" as the Course Career, you will see courses through the 5000 level.  If you specify "Graduate" as the Course Career, you will see the 5000 and up courses.  Entries in the SIS Course Catalog for MAE courses are the same as in the Department Course Catalog, but in some cases both listings are currently incorrect due to some changes that have not yet made it on these lists.  If you have questions about any prerequisites please ask an MAE Advisor in N250.
Registration and Permissions:
  • You will be able to enroll yourselves in any 5000 level course. 
  • For 6000 level courses you will need instructor permission MAE Advising Office (Scott Lab N250, and you will be enrolled. 
  •  In order to make sure that a 7000 level course is appropriate you will need to go to the Course Supervisor (indicated on the Class Schedules - give link) for individual permission.


Required Technical Elective Semester Credit Hours:  12

Course Requirements:
The details of the new Technical Elective Program will be published sometime in the 2012-2013 Academic Year.

Faculty Advisors
Once admitted to the ME major you will be assigned a faculty advisor (in addition to your undergraduate academic advisor). Your faculty advisor will play a different, but complementary role, to your undergraduate advisor. Faculty advisors assist students in many areas, including serving as a mentor, discussing undergraduate research interests, career guidance, preparation for graduate study, and the selection of technical electives based on your area of interest.
We strongly encourage you, however, to seek counsel from your faculty advisor.  Your faculty advisor can be of great assistance to you, but it does take some effort on your part to get to know them, and to give them a chance to get to know you, as well!