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Have you ever thought of becoming a partner with the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering or wondered how to get involved in the dynamic and diverse Ohio State experience? Becoming a partner gives you the opportunity to address business needs, drive positive change, and give back to the community. As a partner, you will gain valuable visibility on campus as an important benefactor.   

Please consider supporting the educational mission of our department. Scholarships, endowed chairs, equipment donations, and capital improvement funds are just a few of the ways to give and partner. Contact Deborah Schoeder, Director of Development, to discuss the many options available to you. Sincere thanks to the alumni and friends who are making regular contributions to department gift funds.

Did You Know?

  • Cash is often the most convenient form of giving.  Cash gifts are fully deductible for federal income tax purposes, provided deductions are itemized.
  • Pledges enable a donor to plan a personal giving program that is both convenient and tax-wise. A pledge may enable a donor to consider a more significant gift than would have otherwise been possible.
  • Securities may be made as outright gifts or as a payment on a pledge. Stock certificates may be reassigned or transferred.
  • Planned giving allows you to leave a legacy by making a charitable gift now or from your estate.
  • Endowed funds are a dependable and perpetual source of support, since the principal is invested and only a portion of the earnings is spent annually.
  • Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions made by their employees. To see if your company has a matching gift policy, visit the Matching Gift web area.
  • Honoring a family member, friend, colleague, classmate, or faculty member with a gift is a touching way to pay tribute to that loved one.
  • Alternatives to monetary gifts such as equipment or books are always appreciated     

Popular Gift Funds

314225 - MAE Leadership Fund
313090 - ME Curriculum Development Fund
313500 - AAE Curriculum Development Fund
302166 - Scott Lab Building Fund
302655 - Mechanical Engineering Fund
302849 - Aeronautical Engineering Fund
313164 - Undergraduate Scholarship
313150 - Graduate Fellowship Fund
306406 - Nuclear Engineering Support
310208 - ME Student Support Fund
313151 - Honors Fund
313153 - Research Fund