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Department Alumni Recognition Awards

The Stillman Robinson Lifetime Achievment Award will be presented to alumni who have distinguished themselves over their lifetimes in their chosen professions. Stillman Robinson joined The Ohio State University in 1878 and was the founding chairperson of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He was also one of the founders of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and received an Honorary Doctorate of Science degree from Ohio State in 1896.

The Thomas French Achievement Award will be presented to alumni who have distinguished themselves as educators. Thomas French, an 1895 graduate of The Ohio State University, served as a professor of engineering drawing at his Alma Mater and introduced new teaching methods and authored a popular textbook. He was awarded the Lamme Medal in 1943 for his achievements.

The Ralph Boyer Young Achiever Award will be presented to alumni who have risen rapidly in their chosen profession and made significant contributions before the age of 40. Ralph Boyer, a 1930 graduate of The Ohio State University, had achieved Chief Engineer status and contributed significantly to his company while still a young man.

The Ada Richard Pressman Award will be presented to alumni who have made noteworthy contributions to their chosen professions while overcoming significant obstacles or barriers to the completion of their education and/or obstacles in their careers. Pressman was a 1950 graduate of the department. During a long career with the Bechtel Power Corporation, she provided technical direction and management for numerous projects involving the control of nuclear and fossil fuel power generating plants.

The Marion Smith Service Award will be presented to alumni who have distinguished themselves by their contributions to their community, the University and/or society. Marion Smith received his Masters' degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1947 from The Ohio State University. He served OSU for more than 37 years as a faculty member and associate dean of the College of Engineering giving generously of his time to students and alumni.

The E.G. Bailey Entrepreneurship Award will be presented to alumni who have invented new products, processes, or procedures that have been successfully manufactured, adapted, or utilized. This award honors E.G. Bailey, a 1903 graduate of The Ohio State University and inventor of the Bailey meter. Bailey left an engineering job to develop and manufacture his meter which dramatically improved boiler efficiency and has been used world-wide.

The Alan Gregory Loofbourrow Business Achievement Award is presented to alumni who have distinguished themselves in their chosen business or industry. Alan Gregory Loofbourrow was a 1925 graduate of the Ohio State University and by 1945 was elevated to Chief Engineering of the Chrysler Division. Continual advances took him to the position of Vice President and Director of Engineering in 1961. He had two further promotions to Vice President in charge of Quality and Reliability and then Chrysler’s Vice President of Engineering, from which he retired.

Awarded to alumni who have demonstrated the technical and administrative excellence to lead successful aerospace projects and organizations. Garvin L. Von Eschen joined the Ohio State University in 1946 as the first chairman of the newly established Department of Aeronautical Engineering. During the next three decades, he provided vision and guidance to the growing department as it established highly rated undergraduate and graduate programs, and laboratories for aerodynamic and rocket research.
Awarded to alumni who have demonstrated excellence in the space engineering and sciences. Rudolph Edse moved to Ohio State University in 1950 becoming the Director of the Rocket Research Laboratory. His research developed several possible propellant combinations and determined their combustion characteristics and combustion stability limits, and he was one of the first to study cryogenic rocket propellants.